Graveney Natural Track Livery

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Living in a herd provides our horses with a more natural and stimulating life.  They get to interact, forage, rest and play together whilst always having the choice to move around at their own free will.

At Graveney Natural Track Livery, the emphasis is on horses with healthy minds and healthy bodies.  Modern day, traditional boarding environments can cause or exacerbate many equine health issues such as hoof problems, laminitis, cushings (PPID), obesity, insulin resistance, colic and behavioural vices. By providing an environment which fits more closely with that of a wild horse, we are able to provide a lifestyle which promotes good physical health and mental stimulation.

Around our track we have a choice of shelter, a variety of surfaces to stimulate the hooves and various obstacles and challenges to get the horses thinking and moving.  We are the first UK based track to offer a fully surfaced system.

We also specialise in longer term barefoot rehabilitation livery.  Working as a barefoot trimmer, this is something of particular interest to me and we have had great success with the horses in our care.  We use a tailored approach which often encompasses working alongside other professionals to ensure a holistic approach to health and welfare.

This is a lifestyle, not just a livery.

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