I am a specialist barefoot trimmer based in Kent and the South East. As a member of the PHCP I am dedicated to a whole horse approach to trimming and barefoot success.

I also bring my experience of equine sports massage, zoopharmacognosy, thermography, behaviour and nutrition to my work.

My studies have included a variety of barefoot schools. This has enabled me to bring many aspects of their work to my trimming along with the use of hoof boots where needed for rehabilitation.

Barefoot Forward

At the start, showing all the signs of chronic laminitis. Event lines, stretched white line, run forward toe, footsore.

Now, a healthy, uncompromised hoof.

Living on a track system with movement, challenging surfaces and low sugar/starch diet.

Healthy hooves are more than just good trimming. Helping owners work towards the understanding of ideal management of their horses is really important.

I am available to contact via mobile for quickest response time  (07789 404055). If I can't answer I'm probably under a horse(!) so please email, text or leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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07789 404055

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